WINIX HR Management System


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 Easily maintain employees data

          From One page , easily update and extract all employees data in just few clicks.

 Organization Chart

          Setup , draw and customize you organization chart , to easily link employees to your particular organization chart ( Departments , Sectors , Sections ,work locations , etcetera )

 Employee Contracts

          Keep Track of employees Contracts and get alert of renewal dates

 Employees Documents

          Keep track employees delivery of documents

 Employees Locations on Map

          Set employee location on map , to display all employees address visually on map .

 Calculate age of retirement automatically

          Calculate age of retirement automatically based on date of birth

 Staff Announcements

          Set Announcements to all or some employees to see the announcement every time they visit the app

 Bulk Messaging

          Send Bulk ( Notification , SMS , Email ) Message to group of employees in just one click

 Employees File digital Archiving

          Easily upload employee digital files

 Report Designer

          easily Design any data or statistics report , even if you don't have any design skills

 Employee Portal

          Allow employee to display attendance sheet and some payroll slip components . also employee can submit leave application request from his portal .

 Employee Requests to Change Data

          Allow the employee to send an online change request for his data , and approve only verified data .

 Employee Exit management

          track the cycle of employee leaving , exit interview , reasons and collect feedback

 Employees Investigations

          Keep Track of Employees investigations and its Consequences

 Control Of Timetables

          Timetables Management in time basis or shift bases - One of power of system is shift timetables which can handle employees does not have fixed attend and leave time. - Set rules of employees , late and leaving early and overtime .

 Attendance Machines integration

          Grab attendance logs from attendance machines directly in just one click , also set predefined times to get attendance logs from Attendance Machines automatically .

 Online leave requests

          Allow employees to submit leave requests Online and go through predefined leave approving cycle steps

 Automate Leave Approving Cycles

          You can define how leave requests will go through workflow to be approved.

 Automate Leave Application Validation

          Setup the rules of maximum and minimum numbers and durations that employees allowed to get his leave for each leave type.

 Holiday Lists

          Create List of holidays to effect all attached employees with just one click

 Import Attendance Logs

          Import attendance sheets with just few clicks

 Add attendance manually for group of employees

          Can choose group of employees according to departments , sections ... etc . then assign attend or leave time.

 Employees Leave Types setup and limitations Setup

          Setup and Customize Leave Types and its effect s and its uses limitations with fixed limitations and balance limitation .

 Attendance Sheets And Reports


 Sales Men Provision Integration

          Add sales men Provisions directly to your formula calculation

 Multiple Payroll Salary Structures

          Register Multiple Salary Structure with different rules and calculation methods

 Multiple Register For The Employee In Many Structures

          the ability to register the employee any different structures in the same time

 Automate payroll components calculation

          Write the formula of calculation,and easily use the custom components code inside it , and easily write conditions formulas of calculations

 Payroll and Attendance Integration

          Easily use simple codes to retrieve attendance calculations inside your formula calculations

 Payroll Salary Components

          Setup And Customize salary names and codes and defined which is it calculated or fixed or temporal

 Temporal Components

          Temporal Components means components that assigned for employee in specific period ,to be applied to the employee in the approved period that have this assigned components

 Employees Loans

          Easily register Employees Loans and use in inside your calculations formula

 Payroll Approve Cycle

          Automate the cycle of approving payroll structures

 Salary Adjustment

          Easily increase all structure employees salaries in a percentage or value , and keep track of each employee's adjustments

 Full Payroll Reports

          Print and Extract payroll sheet , total payroll sheets and all employees salary slips and more in just one click .

 Full Recruitment Cycle

          Starting from job request , recruitment plans validation , job opening , job applicants and comparing applicants .

 recruitment plan

          Prepare departments recruitment plans .

 Automate Department Job Request Approving Cycle

          Allow Departments to request job online using the app and setup an approving cycle to go through .

 Open Online Job Vacancies

          Open and close job vacancies to submitted online

 Applicants Interview

          Schedule Multiple Interviews Types per Opening jobs , and allow interviewers to submit the results online via the app

 Job Applicants Skills Matrix

          app auto generate skills matrix between job required skills and applicants skills , ans system calculate automatically skills average to easily compare and choose between job applicants

 Send Offer Letters Via the App

          Send Offer Letters of the Applicants Via the App by email

 Automate Acceptance Approval

          Setup Approving Cycle to accept job applicants

 Employees Appraisals KPI's

          Setup Appraisals KPI's , to get real statistics and factors for employees appraisal

 Publish Employees Appraisals Online

          Publish Appraisal Online for head of departments and employees to submit the question online and to get Appraisals report with just few clicks

 Schedule Employees Trainings

          Schedule Employees Trainings and list attendees list

 Employees Training Attendance

          Take Employees Training Attendance , and get training feedbacks and recommendations