Eduix is a Comprehensive Education Management Suite for management and empowerment of educational institutions (schools and universities),

Eduix help to make the process of education enjoyable and easy., and provides a set of advanced reports to administrators of the institution.

Eduix provides most recent technology tools to facilitate the performance of the educational process for both the student and the teacher and the administrative team of the institution.

Support for multi-level institution of structures
Multilingual support.
Web-based application.
Enhanced communication between parents and teachers , and students by providing various easy to use  communication tools.
Module for every department which provide centralized information among institution departments
Information can be filtered, sorted and presented in the form of professional reports which are easily understood.
Easability to manage and configure users roles and permissions according to their real assigned roles
Availability of data access 24/7 Anytime and everywhere
Flexibility of customization to normalize system according to institution culture
Sending emails and sms for bulk of students, parent and staff

Students Key Features

  • Viewing grades , Schedules , Follow-up absence and attendance.
  • view and print posted assignments and quizzes and submit their work online.

    Watch the most important events in the school/University via  e-calendar.

    Allow interaction with text messages and discussion of group conversations.

  • Information can be filtered, sorted and presented in the form of professional reports which are easily understood by students.

Instructors Key-Features

  • Instructors can easily post electronic quizzes and assignments to students and control grading rules for every question to receive students answers graded automatically .
  • Allows teachers to record, analyze and set grades.
  • Provides instructors with a variety of tools to interact with students and keep parents updated with the day-to-day activities and students’
  • Performance.

Parents Key-Features

  • Parents are allowed to log in at any time with account information that is completely different from the student's account
  • parents are allowed to log into the system anytime and view up-to-the minute records of their children’s progress by accessing student grades, schedules,events, and attendance records.
  • Parents are also allowed to send and receive messages and discuss with the administration and teachers  to follow student behavior.
  • Parents are also allowed to post suggestions and complains online .
Moodle Integration
EDUIX is fully integration with Moodle. Integration is deepely via SSO to Eduix and Moodle , and Users not be confuse moving between two systems .
Google Suite Integration
EDUIX allow integration between Google Features and system Allow and  handle auto creation of students emails according to admission status . Auto Integration between institution events , classes and google calendar .
ERPIX Integration
Eduix education system is fully integrated with Erpix Erp system . Erpix is web-based modern ERP system containing modules  ( Purchasing , Sales , Inventory , Assets , Payables , Receivables , General Ledger , Human Resources ,  CRM and Project Management )